Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia

image of Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia

The Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia project explores how to promote green growth in cities in Asia, examining policies and governance practices that encourage environmental sustainability and competitiveness in a rapidly expanding economy. This synthesis report presents the results of case studies along with practical policy recommendations, reflecting the local contexts of Southeast Asia. While Southeast Asian cities are affected by a range of economic, infrastructure, environmental and social challenges, ongoing rapid development offers opportunities to shift towards greener growth models. The concept of urban green growth can be a powerful vector of sustainable development, by emphasising the existence and potential of co-benefits between economic and environmental performance.



Executive summary

Urban green growth policies pursue economic development while reducing either negative environmental externalities (for example, air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions) or the consumption of natural resources and environmental assets, including water, energy and undeveloped land, through urban activities. Therefore, cities must be central to green growth efforts as they not only play a critical role in stimulating national growth, but also generate negative environmental externalities.


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