The Governance of Land Use in the Czech Republic

The Case of Prague

image of The Governance of Land Use in the Czech Republic

Prague is a vibrant and growing city facing significant land-use pressures related to rapid peri-urban growth. This report examines land use and governance trends in Prague and the broader metropolitan area, including the formal elements of the planning system and broader governance arrangements such as rural-urban partnerships. It provides a number of recommendations to ensure the sustainable development of regional transportation and infrastructure, affordable housing and quality public amenities.



Land-use trends, opportunities and challenges in Prague

This chapter provides an overview of the trends and conditions that shape how land is used in the city of Prague and its broader metropolitan area. The chapter begins with a description of Prague’s geography and its connections to the broader region. Following this, the city’s economic development, socio-economic and demographic trends, housing stock and housing demand are discussed. The chapter ends with a discussion of the major pressures for land development and protection facing the city.


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