The Future of Rural Policy

From Sectoral to Place-Based Policies in Rural Areas

image of The Future of Rural Policy

This book examines the major rural developments and the issues that policy makers have been dealing with across the OECD over the last two decades.  The OECD Conference, held in Siena, Italy, in July 2002, on the Future of Rural Policy, identified the need for rural policies to look beyond agriculture and offer new trajectories of development.  It concluded that the major shift necessary to guarantee the future vitality of rural regions is the diversification of their economies.  The papers examine key critical issues, including the EU LEADER Community Initiative and the Mexican Micro-region programme and provide a new approach that recognises the importance of the interdependence between rural and urban areas, fostering investment (rather than distributing subsidies).  This approach also emphasises governance structures that get the locals involved in grass root initiatives to develop and implement new policies.  This book is for practitioners and policy makers involved in grass root policies.



Trends in Rural Governance

By loosening national ties and enforcing international competition, globalisation confronts regions with previously unknown development opportunities and threats. On balance, it is expected to bring gains to economies on the whole, but will nonetheless pose severe adjustment problems to a number of regions. Moreover, international economic integration is increasing the interdependence of nations, thereby modifying the traditional policy instruments through which governments influence the process of economic and social change. Given their limited efficacy, these instruments need to be upgraded and in many cases substituted with more appropriate ones....


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