The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities

image of The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities

Ports and cities are historically strongly linked, but the link between port and city growth has become weaker. Economic benefits often spill over to other regions, whereas negative impacts are localised in the port-city. How can ports regain their role as drivers of urban economic growth and how can negative port impacts be mitigated? Those are the questions that this report aims to answer.



Mitigating the negative impact from ports

Mitigating negative port impacts is essential for the long-term survival of ports and portcities. Even if ports generate large local economic benefits, building on competitive strengths in services, industrial development or consumer-driven port-related waterfront development, they will not have sustainable future perspectives if they do not mitigate negative impacts related to their development. These negative impacts can be considerable, as illustrated in Chapter 2, and can relate to the environmental impacts – such as pollution of air, water and soil – land use, traffic congestion and risks related to climate change and security. This chapter assesses main policies to mitigate these impacts and risks, building on the experience of port-cities worldwide.


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