The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities

image of The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities

Ports and cities are historically strongly linked, but the link between port and city growth has become weaker. Economic benefits often spill over to other regions, whereas negative impacts are localised in the port-city. How can ports regain their role as drivers of urban economic growth and how can negative port impacts be mitigated? Those are the questions that this report aims to answer.



Foreword and acknowledgements

Globalisation characterizes our current times, shapes economic trajectories and determines quality of life. Port-cities are at the frontline of globalisation; approximately 90% of external trade volumes is transported by ship and is loaded and unloaded in one of the world ports. A large majority of ports is located in cities, which makes the fate of cities interlinked with the fates of their ports. Some cities have been able to foster their port and use it as an urban economic asset, whereas other cities are declining despite a flourishing port. History is full of examples of cities that prospered thanks to their port; is history able to repeat itself in this respect? Can ports once again be drivers of urban growth? The presence of a port brings special challenges related to the environment, urban traffic and land use. The stakes for cities can be high, as these challenges directly relate to the well-being of their citizens.


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