The Circular Economy in Valladolid, Spain

image of The Circular Economy in Valladolid, Spain

The transition to the circular economy for the city of Valladolid, Spain represents an opportunity for greater attractiveness and competitiveness, while providing responses to environmental challenges. The city of Valladolid aims to be a reference as a sustainable city, reducing waste, lowering the use of raw materials and increasing the use of renewable energy while stimulating economic growth and social well-being. This report aims to support Valladolid in developing a coherent circular economy strategy, on the basis of various initiatives already in place to finance circular economy projects, raise awareness and promote an entrepreneurial culture on the circular economy.



Towards a circular economy in Valladolid, Spain

This chapter provides an overview on the circular economy in cities and focuses on the rationale for the circular economy transition in the city of Valladolid, Spain, by looking at main drivers leading to a shift from a linear to a circular economy, and socioeconomic and environmental data and trends.


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