The Circular Economy in Ireland

image of The Circular Economy in Ireland

Ireland is at a turning point for the transition to a circular economy. The 2022 Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy provides the policy framework for the circular economy in the country, and the forthcoming Circular Economy Bill is expected to strengthen waste and circular economy legislation. Nevertheless, with a circularity material use rate of 2% in 2020, Ireland shows significant scope for progress. The report analyses the state of play and challenges of the circular transition in Ireland and provides policy recommendations for circular economy policy across levels of government. It is the result of a two-year policy dialogue between the OECD, the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, as well as a broad range of public, private and civil society stakeholders.



Around the globe, governments at all levels are accelerating climate action. The urgency for action on the green transition was well demonstrated at the COP26 in 2021, which has been further heightened by the need to strengthen energy security in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Whilst first and foremost a humanitarian crisis, the war has also exacerbated global pressures that pre-date it, including from rapidly rising energy prices, shortages of raw materials, and disruptions in value chains. These are already beginning to have impacts on production and consumption patterns that are likely to be long lasting. In turn, they are also accelerating the momentum towards the circular economy, due to its significant potential to improve resource efficiency and resilience, and its embodiment of clean energy sources.


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