The Circular Economy in Glasgow, United Kingdom

image of The Circular Economy in Glasgow, United Kingdom

The transition to a circular economy in Glasgow is part of a broader journey of the city aiming to transition from being one of the greatest industrial places in the world back in the 19th century, to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030. The 2020 Glasgow Circular Economy Route Map seeks to enable a system where people can access local jobs and where green business practices contribute to achieving zero carbon goals. This new path, primarily driven by the collaboration between Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Zero Waste Scotland and Glasgow City Council, can also contribute to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which severely affected the local economy. This report summarises the findings from a 20-month policy dialogue between the OECD, the city of Glasgow and several stakeholders, presenting the state of the art of the circular transition, the main challenges and the ways forward for the implementation of the city’s Route Map.


Towards the circular economy in Glasgow, United Kingdom

In Glasgow, the transition towards the circular economy is led by a partnership formed by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, through its Circular Glasgow initiative, Zero Waste Scotland and Glasgow City Council. To date, the circular economy in Glasgow strongly focused on supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their circular transition through awareness-raising initiatives and events, financial support and capacity building programmes. This chapter details the main components of the existing circular economy initiatives promoted in the city of Glasgow, Scotland and in the United Kingdom at large. It identifies the state of the art of the circular economy in the city and the key actions of the main sectors for the circular transition in the city, namely: waste, food, spatial planning and the built environment, and events and tourism.


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