OECD Regional Development Working Papers

Working papers from the Regional Development Policy Division of the OECD cover a full range of topics including regional statistics and analysis, urban governance and economics, rural governance and economics, and multi-level governance. Depending on the programme of work, the papers can cover specific topics such as regional innovation and networks, the determinants of regional growth or fiscal consolidation at the sub-national level.


Regional Disparities In Access To Health Care

A Multilevel Analysis In Selected OECD Countries

This paper investigates regional disparities in access to healthcare, measured by self-reported unmet medical needs. It looks at disparities across 86 regions in 5 European countries: Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The results show that in addition to individual factors, such as age, gender, health status, or education, the characteristics of the region where people live, such as the average skill endowment or employment rate, have a significant impact on the probability of unmet medical needs. Individual and regional determinants play different roles across regions in these five countries. Moreover, in three of these countries (Czech Republic, Italy and Spain), age and chronic illness have different impacts on unmet medical needs depending on the region of residence, when all the other conditions are kept the same. The result calls for further investigation on regionalspecific factors that could be modified with targeted policies in order to reduce the probability of foregone health care.


Keywords: access to health care, health, regional inequality, multilevel logistic analysis
JEL: R12: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics / General Regional Economics / Size and Spatial Distributions of Regional Economic Activity; C14: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods / Econometric and Statistical Methods and Methodology: General / Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods: General; R11: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics / General Regional Economics / Regional Economic Activity: Growth, Development, Environmental Issues, and Changes; I14: Health, Education, and Welfare / Health / Health and Inequality
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