Private Finance and Economic Development

City and Regional Investment

image of Private Finance and Economic Development

City and regional governments as well as development agencies will learn from this report how to develop their own toolbox of instruments and structures for leveraging private finance.  What role can private financing play in local economic development?  To address this issue, this study draws on practical examples from North America and Europe to show how municipal and regional authorities can capitalise on private financing for economic development purposes.  The book is for policy researchers, entrepreneurs, academia and government circles.



Transatlantic Comparisons

Leveraging private finance into cities and regions is a fundamental imperative for governments of all kinds. Each city and region starts from a different position in terms of financial powers and frameworks and political cultures. Each therefore needs a set of instruments adapted to its own situation. The main implication is that policy learning should be undertaken in a careful and considered manner, with due attention paid to context...


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