Private Finance and Economic Development

City and Regional Investment

image of Private Finance and Economic Development

City and regional governments as well as development agencies will learn from this report how to develop their own toolbox of instruments and structures for leveraging private finance.  What role can private financing play in local economic development?  To address this issue, this study draws on practical examples from North America and Europe to show how municipal and regional authorities can capitalise on private financing for economic development purposes.  The book is for policy researchers, entrepreneurs, academia and government circles.




This book presents the findings of a Forum of Cities and Regions conference that took place in London in July 2002 in collaboration with the London Development Agency, Greater London Enterprise and the City of London Corporation and subsequent follow-up work. The book explores how various cities and regions in OECD countries are using the instruments they have available to draw private money into economic development, and tackles the difficult issue of what might be transferred between them in terms of best practices. By identifying, comparing and assessing some of the emerging tools and instruments in OECD countries, this book aims to provide advice and inspiration to cities and regions seeking to leverage private finance in their own economic development efforts...


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