Policy Guide on Social Impact Measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy

image of Policy Guide on Social Impact Measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy

As social and solidarity economy (SSE) entities are increasingly requested to demonstrate their positive contribution to society, social impact measurement can help them understand the additional, net value generated by their activities, in the pursuit of their mission and beyond. Policy plays an important role to facilitate a conducive environment to unlock the uptake of social impact measurement among SSE actors. Drawing on a mapping exercise and good practice examples from over 33 countries, this international policy guide navigates how policy makers can support social impact measurement for the social and solidarity economy by: (i) improving the policy framework, (ii) delivering guidance, (iii) building evidence and (iv) supporting capacity. Building on the earlier publication Social Impact Measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy released in 2021 the guide is published under the framework of the OECD Global Action “Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems”, funded by the European Union’s Foreign Partnership Instrument.


Executive summary

There is growing awareness of the need to understand how organisations, public, private or civil society, contribute to social and environmental goals. Driven by a social mission and upholding values of primacy of people over capital and participatory governance, the social and solidarity economy (SSE) is also increasingly requested to demonstrate its positive contribution to society. Such evidence is used, and sometimes required, to diversify sources of financing, access public and private markets, and scale activities and impact. Social impact measurement enables SSE entities to understand their progress and value-added in the achievement of desired social and environmental objectives.

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