Organising Local Economic Development

The Role of Development Agencies and Companies

image of Organising Local Economic Development

Development processes occur within a wider geographical area than local government, and in some cases encompass a broader scope than provincial or national governments. Thus substantial inter-governmental co-operation and public-private partnership are needed. This book identifies how development agencies and companies work, what they do and what constitutes success and value added. It explores international practices in a variety of locations and contexts, and defines both the success factors and the challenges associated with economic development agencies and companies.


Development agency creation, evolution, performance and review

This chapter assesses when and how a development agency should be set up and how it should be reviewed and encouraged to evolve. It is in the nature of development agencies that they deal with dynamic contexts and constantly changing activities. They must therefore be highly adaptive organisations. Successful agencies continuously evolve and adapt and do not remain rigid, so mechanisms for shaping how they evolve and adapt are essential. Through its discussion, this chapter provides answers to other important issues such as which tasks a development agency should undertake, how to review performance, when to enlarge or contract an agency’s roles and activities, how best to deal with process and timing as well as what can go wrong.


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