OECD Territorial Reviews: The Krasnoyarsk Agglomeration, Russian Federation

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: The Krasnoyarsk Agglomeration, Russian Federation

Bringing together the city of Krasnoyarsk and six adjacent smaller cities and rural districts, the Krasnoyarsk Agglomeration is increasingly emerging as the main economic hub of Eastern Siberia. Its relative weight in both population and economic activity continues to grow. This review examines the Agglomeration’s performance and potential, particularly with reference to such critical challenges as internal and external connectivity, human capital formation and innovation. These issues are analysed in the context of Krasnoyarsk’s unusual economic geography, which involves tremendous natural wealth, but also remote location, severe climatic conditions and relatively low density of settlement. Its experience is thus relevant to many remote, resource-rich regions across the globe.



Foreword and Acknowledgements

Place matters for policy. Public policies aimed at generating growth, jobs, equity and environmental sustainability have a greater impact when they are adapted to the economic and social realities of the places in which they are implemented. National governments are thus challenged to rethink how to harness the potential of different types of cities and regions to prepare for the future, a task that requires not only identifying the right policies but also putting in place the governance arrangements needed to support such an integrated, place-based approach. Regional and municipal governments are similarly challenged to find ways of mobilising their own specific strengths and assets, as well as to devise governance solutions adapted to their circumstances, in order to foster sustainable growth, investment and innovation.


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