OECD Territorial Reviews: The Chicago Tri-State Metropolitan Area, United States 2012

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: The Chicago Tri-State Metropolitan Area, United States 2012

The OECD Territorial Review of the Chicago Tri-State metropolitan area, the first of its kind conducted by the OECD in the United States, assesses the region’s capacity to contribute effectively to regional and national economic performance and quality of life. The Review focuses on four thematic policy issues: i) the effectiveness and coordination of workforce development programmes in the Chicago Tri-State metro-region; ii) the metro-region’s capacity for innovation; iii) its role as a major centre for logistics in North America; and (iv) its capacity to encourage green growth over the long term. The review also focuses on the state of region-wide institutional collaboration and offers a vision for effective tri-state region-wide stakeholder engagement.  


Matching skills to jobs in the tri-state region

This chapter focuses on workforce development issues. It first describes the regional context. The financial crisis has highlighted the skill mismatches hobbling regional growth, and this weakness is exacerbated by its relative incapacity to attract and retain high-skilled labour. The chapter then analyses current workforce development efforts and offers a diagnostic on a possible way forward. Public stakeholders need to engage the private sector more systematically in providing ongoing support – both financial and curriculum-based – for skills upgrading. Workforce boards and agencies need to work across county and state boundaries to streamline processes and programming and improve data-gathering and information-sharing capacity.


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