OECD Territorial Reviews: Sweden 2017

Monitoring Progress in Multi-level Governance and Rural Policy

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Sweden 2017

Sweden has long given priority to promoting both sustainable economic growth in its regions and equity among them. This report looks at the progress Sweden has made in its regional growth policy, multi-level governance system and rural policy. It also takes a more in-depth look at two topics of increasing importance: whether rural Sweden has been “left behind”, and issues of regional and municipal governance. The report suggests steps Sweden can take to address its regional and rural policy challenges. It also assesses to what degree Sweden has implemented the recommendations made in the 2010 OECD Territorial Review of Sweden.



Reforming the Swedish hourglass: More than just boundaries

This chapter offers a diagnosis of Sweden’s multi-level governance challenges in 2016, focusing on subnational organisation, tasks, and financing. It examines how regional governance objectives and public investment can be better supported through even greater co-ordination, and it identifies some of the benefits as well as the challenges presented by the regional reform currently under discussion. The chapter concludes with a detailed summary of findings and recommendations for action. The aim is to provide policy support and recommendations for Sweden as it fine tunes its regional governance practices.


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