OECD Territorial Reviews: Skåne, Sweden 2012

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Skåne, Sweden 2012

The OECD Territorial Review of Skåne assesses the capacity of the third largest region in Sweden to compete for investment and talents in an increasingly globalised economy.  Skåne has long been one of the three major engines of national growth and it ranks among the top-class research and technology hubs in the OECD, but it needs to gain back the momentum it lost during the crisis. The region's strong knowledge assets and demographic dynamism have not translated into corresponding gains in terms of productivity and skills. The Review shows the way forward towards a smart, healthy and inclusive region and calls for targeted policies to boost demand-driven innovation, make the most of its diversified pool of human capital, and maintain a high quality environment to work and live in.



Regional trends and challenges in Skåne

Substantial population inflows have meant that, in terms of per capita growth and employment creation, the region of Skåne has had to run to stand still. Nevertheless, a strong innovation sector, a relatively young labour force and high stocks of human capital ensure that the region is well placed to capitalise on these inputs over the coming years. This chapter presents an overview of recent demographic, economic, and social trends in the region, setting them in both a Swedish and an international context. It attempts to get behind the drivers of these trends, with a closer look into productivity and human capital as well as innovation and entrepreneurialism in the region. This chapter presents evidence of a series of policy challenges for the region – challenges relating to innovation, social cohesion and the environment – to which key recommendations are outlined in subsequent chapters.


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