OECD Territorial Reviews: Siena, Italy 2002

OECD's territorial review of the Italian province of Siena. It finds that Siena, a predominantly rural province in central Italy, has enjoyed steady economic growth throughout the post-war period. This success has its roots in a diverse economy based on manufacturing, services, high-value-added agriculture and a dynamic tourism sector. Nonetheless, it is these last two sectors that give Siena its main competitive advantage: an outstanding concentration of high-quality environmental and cultural resources which are unique to the region.

The promotion of different sustainable development initiatives has been motivated by the need to ensure the valorisation and conservation of this major asset. This is most apparent in the effort to ensure that the region's development is not spoilt by the impact of mass tourism and an uncoordinated offer. The agrarian landscape also faces an uncertain future as the bulk of the cultivated land area remains dependent on EU subsidies, notwithstanding the market success of many agricultural producers. To respond to the challenges of sustainable development, Siena needs to fully integrate its development objectives with the most effective means to bring them about, in a co-ordinated and long-term planning exercise.

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