OECD Territorial Reviews: Poland 2008

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Poland 2008

Although Poland has managed to maintain high growth levels since the mid-1990s, with the second-best performance in the OECD in 2006-07, territorial disparities are persistent and rising, especially between large urban areas and rural ones. Like many OECD countries, Poland must seek to achieve an appropriate balance between support for poles of growth and the development of lagging regions, particularly its eastern peripheral regions, which are among the poorest in the European Union. This report explores the various challenges and opportunities for Polish regional development policy, and provides recommendations to best design and implement the policy mix, looking in particular at governance challenges.

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Making the Most of Regional Development Policy Through Multi-level Governance

The window of opportunity of EU funding has to be exploited as much as possible, not only for territorial development, but in the perspective of broader public governance and management changes. The impact of European cohesion policy on the Polish multi-level governance system goes well beyond financing. The design and implementation of EU operational programmes – not only regional ones – has led to enhanced decentralisation and collaboration with private actors and civil society. Regional and local actors are engaged in a strong learning process. To further improve the effectiveness of regional development policies, three broad governance challenges are critical to address: i) enhancing co-operation across levels of government and with private actors; ii) strengthening capacities of sub-national governments, to design, implement and monitor development programmes; iii) supporting accountability, at all levels of government and monitoring the performance of regional as well as sectoral policies. Poland also needs to think about longer-term options for better matching competencies and resources in some areas after 2013, when Polish regions may no longer benefit from the same level of external funding, and for further increasing the strategic role of regions. This chapter explores these different cross-cutting governance challenges, and proposes policy recommendations.

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