OECD Territorial Reviews: Hidalgo, Mexico

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Hidalgo, Mexico

Hidalgo is one of the smallest states in Mexico. It benefits from its close proximity to Mexico City and contains a number of economic and environmental assets in its territory. After a long period of economic stagnation, the state is now closing up the gap with national standards. Yet, productivity and income levels remain low with respect to national levels, and there exist high socio-economic disparities between the south of the state and the municipalities in the northern and mountainous area. This review looks at how the state of Hidalgo is seeking to boost its economy, particularly through a series of institutional reforms and policies to improve the business environment. It highlights opportunities to accelerate the economic convergence and transit towards high-value added economic sectors. The review also identifies a number of recommendations to promote inclusive growth and reduce its north-south divide and offers suggestions to address governance challenges in the territory.



Towards a more inclusive Hidalgo: An integrated approach to territorial development

This chapter examines the territorial development dimension of the State of Hidalgo and suggests how to design urban and rural policies to improve regional development outcomes. It starts with an overview of the well-being conditions in the state. Then, it analyses urban and regional development through metropolitan governance, mobility and spatial planning policies. The third section analyses rural policies, focusing on the agricultural sector and the non-farming opportunities such as tourism. Finally, it reviews the state of the natural capital in the State of Hidalgo.


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