OECD Territorial Reviews: France 2006

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: France 2006

This detailed policy review examines recent developments in regional policy in France and in particular, challenges regarding competiveness policies and multilevel governance. It includes interesting statistics related to regions and makes a series of recommendations for French authorities.

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Multilevel Governance Geared to Co-operation

The shift in French regional policy toward focussing more squarely on strengthening territorial competitiveness while maintaining national cohesion poses some major challenges of governance. Do policymakers involved with territorial development have coherent and effective powers, financial resources and experience? In particular, can they support the urban dynamics that are apparent not only in Ile-de-France but in many provincial territories? Can they help better-endowed rural territories to undertake competitive development projects? These are the questions facing public officials who, since the early 1980s, have seen profound changes in terms of decentralisation and in the relations between levels of government...

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