OECD Territorial Reviews: Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

image of OECD Territorial Reviews: Copenhagen, Denmark 2009

The Copenhagen metropolitan region accounts for nearly half of Denmark's national output and plays a key role for the country as a whole.  Nevertheless, it has witnessed only modest economic growth over the last decade. This review of metropolitan area policy for Copenhagen examines key challenges including modest economic growth, scarcity of skilled workers and barriers to research and development. The report also examines how public institutions affect regional economic growth. Issues considered include: inter-municipal co-operation, local finance, public management, political leadership, and coordination mechanisms between the central government and the region.  



Conceptual Framework

This Metropolitan Review of Copenhagen studies the competitiveness of Copenhagen and assesses policies and governance arrangements to strengthen competitiveness. This assessment is used as the basis for policy recommendations on how Copenhagen’s urban competitiveness could be further improved. The following introductory chapter presents the analytical framework for the Metropolitan Review. It defines urban competitiveness and sets out its most important determinants based on a review of the empirical evidence in the current academic literature.


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