OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Spain 2009

image of OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Spain 2009
The radical transformation that Spanish rural areas have experienced in the past few decades suggest, as it has occurred in many OECD countries, a new approach to rural policy. Spain has recently undertaken a major reform of its rural policies, including the merger of the Ministry of Agriculture with the Ministry of the Environment and the recently approved Law on Sustainable Development of Rural Areas.  This new framework creates a multi-sectoral and place-based “rural policy of state”, making Spain better equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of rural areas.

This report – undertaken at the same time as the reforms were being implemented – will interest both policy makers engaged in similar reform processes and others working on issues such the “political economy” of reforms, rural tourism, renewable energies, rural clusters, development of peri-urban areas and public service delivery in remote rural areas.



Towards a New Stage in Spain's Rural Policy

This chapter focuses on four of the main policy challenges that rural areas face in Spain (based on the diagnostic of Chapter 1) and evaluates the extent to which these policy issues have been addressed by Spanish authorities at the national and regional level in the past, and in the present framework of the Law on Sustainable Development of Rural Areas. Section 3.1 deals with the demographic and social challenges, Section 3.2 focuses on the challenge of diversifying the rural economy and fostering the competitiveness of rural areas, Section 3.3 addresses the relationship between rural areas and urban areas, with particular attention to areas. Finally, Section 3.4 adresses the environmental role of rural areas, and the importance of building a sustainable rural economy.


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