OECD Rural Policy Reviews, Italy 2009

image of OECD Rural Policy Reviews, Italy 2009

OECD's comprehensive review of rural policy in Italy.  On average, rural regions in Italy have some of the highest GDP per capita among the OECD countries, yet unexploited potential remains. This analysis of rural Italy reveals heterogeneous economic conditions, an increasing elderly population and a diminished focus on environmental concerns. This suggests the need for a broader rural policy approach that reflects the changing demands upon rural resources and that considers other aspects of rurality including health, education and quality of life. 



Policy Recommendations

Based on the analysis of the Italian rural economy and the approach to rural development, this chapter sets out a number of policy recommendations to help Italian rural policy better adapt to the heterogeneous and rapidly evolving context it faces. The chapter addresses the need to develop a rural framework that is broader, reflects the changing demands from rural resources, takes advantage of the potential in rural Italy, and discusses policy options based on national and international experience. It also identifies and discusses a set of issues that emerge as key policy priorities for the future of rural Italy: 1) promoting planning and “framework conditions” across Italy; 2) ensuring environmental sustainability, including the use of natural resources for new purposes including energy generation and the leisure economy; 3) promoting planning at functional, rather than administrative levels, to improve urban-rural linkages; and, 4) facilitating a more collaborative evaluation process among different government tiers.


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