OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Chile 2014

image of OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Chile 2014

This report looks at rural policy in Chile, examining the main trends in rural regions, policies and governance arrangements. It highlights the need to establish a national rural policy framework in Chile, in order to better coordinate the wide range of national policies and programmes currently targeting rural areas. It also investigates the evolving role of "rural" in development, highlighting the need to design rural policies in a strategic way so that complementarities with urban policy can be realised as the country develops.


Institutional challenges for a comprehensive rural policy in Chile

Chapter 3 identifies a number of concrete steps that can be implemented in the current institutional context for Chile to advance towards a modern rural development policy framework over the short and medium term. The chapter is divided into three main sections. The first briefly describes the institutional setting of rural development in Chile and the main governance challenges that Chile faces to advance towards comprehensive place-based approaches to rural development. The second section focuses on one of these main challenges: how to generate synergies and co-ordination between the many policies, programmes and actors that intervene in rural development. Finally, the third section will be devoted to providing recommendations on how to strengthen place-based approaches with stronger participation from local actors as a way for promoting rural policies adapted to the idiosyncrasy, challenges and potentialities of rural territories in Chile.


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