OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation: 15 Mexican States 2009

image of OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation: 15 Mexican States 2009

Despite macro-economic stability in recent years, Mexico still suffers from stagnant productivity growth. Mexico’s long-term competitiveness in a global context will require greater public and private action to spur innovation and economic growth in regions throughout the country. This report reviews how both national and state policies in Mexico can better support regional innovation systems and includes profiles of 15 states.

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National Policies to Support Regional Clusters and Innovation Systems

As the data reveals, there is an imperative to improve both labour productivity and multi-factor productivity growth to ensure Mexico’s future competitiveness. Mexico’s competitive advantages in low-cost labour are slipping with respect to emerging market competitors, yet there is insufficient investment to ensure an effective transition to the knowledge economy. Furthermore, as innovation investment is pro-cyclical, there is a need to ensure continued public and private sector investment in innovation despite the financial and economic crisis so as to ensure sustainable growth in the long term. 


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