OECD Mining Regions and Cities Case Study

Outokumpu and North Karelia, Finland

image of OECD Mining Regions and Cities Case Study

This report identifies 12 recommendations that can assist the municipality of Outokumpu and the region of North Karelia in Finland to become key players in the national mining strategy and attain sustainable economic growth by: focusing on mobilising the potential of the local mining value chain, diversifying and developing new sources of economic growth, and improving governance co-ordination. It is part of a project that is building a platform for knowledge sharing and co-operation on increasing productivity and enhancing the well-being of cities and regions with a specialisation in the mining and extractive sector (metals, minerals, and energy resources).


Drivers of growth and challenges for regional development

This chapter assesses the economy of North Karelia and Outokumpu and serves as a basis for policy recommendations in the following chapters. The chapter contains two parts: the first sets the scene and outlines the most influential national trends that shape the economy of North Karelia and Outokumpu as well as the history of these regions; the second identifies major trends, strengths and bottlenecks to development.


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