OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation, North of England, United Kingdom 2008

image of OECD Reviews of Regional Innovation, North of England, United Kingdom 2008
With 14.5 million inhabitants and an economy worth over EUR 290 billion, the North of England is larger than many European countries. At the heart of the industrial revolution, the region has been a historic centre for world-changing innovation in transport, computing and in vitro fertilisation. Yet, in the wake of massive losses in manufacturing employment over the past few decades, the region is having to adapt in order to catch up to more prosperous regions in the UK and remain competitive globally.

Like many regions around the OECD, the North of England is seeking to support economic development through innovation, with strategies that build on the region's heritage while also looking to develop new strengths. This report reviews how both national policy and regional strategies support innovation in the North and how these efforts could be improved. It will be of interest to policy makers, firms and others active in promoting innovation and regional economic development.



Regional Innovation in OECD Countries

Key Issues and Framework

Innovation has a spatial dimension. This is clear from extensive research into how firms innovate. Yet does this mean that innovation policy necessarily needs a spatial dimension? The aim of this introduction is to clarify some of the main issues relating to regional innovation.


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