Mining Regions and Cities in the Region of Antofagasta, Chile

Towards a Regional Mining Strategy

image of Mining Regions and Cities in the Region of Antofagasta, Chile

Antofagasta is a world leader in copper and lithium production, with strategic importance for the global energy transition and for the economic development of Chile. Located in north Chile, Antofagasta is carved by the natural contours of the Atacama Desert and home to diverse Indigenous communities. Despite the wealth brought by mining, communities in Antofagasta lag on a number of well-being dimensions. At the same time, Antofagasta’s mining industry is entering a new phase of development, driven by the expected surge in global demand for its minerals and the imperative to adapt to the green and digital transitions.

Against this backdrop, a new development vision with a long-term strategy is warranted in the region to leverage mining benefits to improve well-being standards and take advantage of the opportunities brought by the digital and green transition in mining. This study presents the diagnosis, rationale and building blocks for a new mining strategy in the region of Antofagasta, Chile that prioritises well-being standards and opportunities for local communities. This medium and long-term strategy aims to create a new pact amongst different societal stakeholders to build trust and unite efforts for more inclusive and sustainable growth in the region.


Assessment and recommendations

Home to an abundant reserve of minerals that are vital for a low-carbon future, including copper and lithium, the Antofagasta region is in a unique position to become a global leader in responsibly sourced minerals. Antofagasta has world-class geological resources and large global mining companies, including some of the world’s major copper mines, top lithium reserves and important production of molybdenum and boron. The diverse set of assets supporting Antofagasta’s mining sector potential include:


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