Mining Regions and Cities Case of Andalusia, Spain

image of Mining Regions and Cities Case of Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is the largest mining producer in Spain, the second-largest copper producer in the EU and a leader in marble and gypsum production. The region benefits from two distinct mining subsectors, each with a rich network of suppliers that are relevant for local development: the metallic mining sector (e.g. copper and zinc), which accounts for most of the regional mining production, and the non-metallic sector (ornamental rocks, aggregates and industrial minerals), which is highly dispersed across the territory. The regional mining value chain has the potential to leverage the increasing global and EU demand for sustainable raw materials and thus become a frontrunner in leading technologies and circular processes for environmentally sustainable mining. This study identifies how Andalusia can build on its strengths and address current and future challenges to improve regional productivity and well-being while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy and assisting EU climate goals.


Mobilising the potential of Andalusia’s mining value chain

This chapter examines the strengths and bottlenecks of the mining sector and identifies strategies and policy responses to help unlock new growth opportunities in mining activities and the development of the region. The chapter begins with an overview of Andalusia’s mining business environment. It then analyses the strengths that the region can mobilise to meet higher levels of income and well-being through mining development. Finally, it examines strategies to overcome a number of challenges to boost competitiveness and create higher-value-added jobs.


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