Making the Most of Public Investment in Colombia

Working Effectively across Levels of Government

image of Making the Most of Public Investment in Colombia

This study examines the multi-level governance framework for public investment in Colombia. It provides a diagnosis of the strengths and challenges of the Colombian system and includes comparative data and a set of benchmarks to promote exchange of good practices and promote learning. It makes recommendations for how to further improve the system, make more effective use of existing resources and catch up to OECD countries in terms of infrastructure development . The review also suggests a set of indicators against which Colombia can measure its progress.



Strengthening subnational capacities for effective public investment in Colombia

The second pillar of the OECD Principles for Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government focuses on the required capacities for an efficient public investment and on the means to strengthen them. Capacity building for subnational public investment goes beyond a narrow approach restricted to human resources management or workforce improvement activities. The low level of capacities in more than two-thirds of Colombian jurisdictions is probably one of the most important bottlenecks for effective public investment. This chapter will illustrate the rationale on strengthening capacities, address the current levers to support subnational capacities in Colombia, and identify and develop policy recommendations to go further in this area.c


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