Making the Most of Public Investment in Colombia

Working Effectively across Levels of Government

image of Making the Most of Public Investment in Colombia

This study examines the multi-level governance framework for public investment in Colombia. It provides a diagnosis of the strengths and challenges of the Colombian system and includes comparative data and a set of benchmarks to promote exchange of good practices and promote learning. It makes recommendations for how to further improve the system, make more effective use of existing resources and catch up to OECD countries in terms of infrastructure development . The review also suggests a set of indicators against which Colombia can measure its progress.



Achieving strategic vertical and horizontal investment co-ordination in Colombia

Colombia has developed a sophisticated planning framework to guide investment priorities, at both the national and subnational levels. The challenges lie in the effective implementation of the plans and their links with budgeting. These limitations have been tackled seriously and several reforms to improve the implementation of these plans are currently being put in place. Supporting a more strategic approach to public investment requires moving away from a strict project-based approach. This implies greater horizontal co-operation across jurisdictions to invest at the relevant scale, and improved vertical co-ordination with the national government, to foster matching investment schemes and aligning priorities. This chapter will focus on ways to strengthen co-ordination across sectors, jurisdictions and levels of government, which corresponds to the first pillar of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Effective Public Investment across Levels of Government.


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