Maintaining the Momentum of Decentralisation in Ukraine

image of Maintaining the Momentum of Decentralisation in Ukraine

This Multi-level Governance Series study focuses on Ukraine’s advances in regional development, territorial reform and decentralisation since 2014. The Government launched a reform to merge local governments and strengthen the decentralisation process, giving additional power and resources to sub-national authorities. In a short period, successful steps have been taken toward achieving municipal mergers and greater fiscal, administrative and political decentralisation, complemented by the State Strategy for Regional Development 2015-2020. The first local elections have been held and more public services are being delivered by certain local authorities. Yet, important challenges remain, ranging from a need to address rising disparities and adjusting multi-level governance practices and territorial structures, to better structuring fiscal decentralisation. This report addresses regional performance and disparities in Ukraine, provides insight into Ukraine’s current territorial reform and approach to decentralisation, explores the impact of fiscal decentralisation measures, and includes a case study of the transport sector. It also provides a set of recommendations for action to support Ukraine in meeting the conditions for successful decentralisation.

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Beginning in 2014, the Ukrainian government embarked on an overhaul of its multi-level and territorial governance structures, including through decentralisation reform. For decentralisation to work effectively, a simple transfer of responsibilities to lower levels of government is not enough. A number of other conditions must be met, starting with the sufficient and appropriate resources to fulfil new responsibilities. Resources need to be complemented by adequate capacities at the subnational level, proper co-ordination mechanisms, effective monitoring systems and a good balance in the way various policy functions are decentralised.

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