Local Innovations for Growth in Central and Eastern Europe

image of Local Innovations for Growth in Central and Eastern Europe

Local development strategies represent an important response to the challenges of globalisation, while providing a mechanism for seizing the new opportunities that globalisation offers. Nearly two decades after the fall of the Berlin wall, this book evaluates progress made and identifies what needs to be done to speed up the drive towards prosperity in Central and Eastern Europe. It demonstrates that the success of local development strategies depends on the capacity of the government and its partners to accelerate change within the policy and governance aspects of economic and social development.


Executive Summary

Central and Eastern Europe has been swept by a wave of reforms since 1989 and is still in a state of profound transformation. While the region is today one of the fastest growing in the world, it is facing some tremendous challenges. The extensive restructuring of the economy has created large scale unemployment in some regions while in others, the emerging private sector lacks the labour and skills it needs to grow. Many of those who have lost their jobs have been unable to qualify for the new employment being created and are affected by financial hardship and the erosion of public support.


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