How's Life in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina?

image of How's Life in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina?

This report assesses well-being in the four largest urban agglomerations of the province of Córdoba and provides policy recommendations to strengthen regional development practices, and ultimately improve people’s well-being. Using around 30 statistical indicators, the report analyses the performance of Córdoba’s agglomerations in 12 well-being dimensions in comparison with 391 regions of 36 OECD countries and 98 regions of Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica. The report also documents the well-being inequalities between Córdoba’s four agglomerations and suggests three priorities areas which the province should focus on to tackle well-being challenges: i) Ensure that well-being indicators guide future decision-making; ii) Continue strengthening and modernising the provincial statistical system to expand the evidence-base; and, iii) Strengthen governance arrangements for more effective, efficient and inclusive regional development policy outcomes.

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Executive summary

The province of Córdoba, Argentina, recognises the importance of measuring regional well-being to design and implement better regional development policies. It counts a wide array of programmes, aiming to improve well-being outcomes in areas such as education, health, safety, and employment, among others. To support more effective, efficient and inclusive policies, the province has applied the OECD regional well-being framework and defined a set of 30 indicators for measuring 12 dimensions of well-being. This was a major statistical effort to collect granular and up-to-date data from a new household survey in 2018. This rich base of evidence is expected to help policy makers in setting ambitious priorities and targets, and in facilitating co-ordinated action across different policy areas and levels of government.

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