Higher Education and Regions

Globally Competitive, Locally Engaged

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This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms. Drawing from an extensive review of 14 regions across 12 countries as well as OECD territorial reviews, it considers the regional engagement of higher education regarding teaching, research and service to the community. It offers answers to the following questions: What is higher education’s regional engagement all about? What are its drivers and barriers? What does regional engagement mean for the governance and management of higher education institutions, for regions and for nations? And how does regional engagement fit in with the pursuit of world class academic excellence?

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Barriers to Regional Engagement of Higher Education

This chapter examines the extent to which the external influences at the global, national and regional levels can inhibit regional engagement of higher education institutions and suggests adjustments to current policy and practice which could help to overcome these barriers. Barriers to regional engagement are addressed in a thematic manner starting with the sometimes conflicting effects of national higher education, science and technology and labour market policies. Particular attention is paid to how regional engagement is funded. The capacity of local and regional agents to engage with higher education institutions and the influence of regional governance and leadership is considered next. Finally, the chapter closes with reference to leadership at the level of the individual higher education institution.

English Spanish, French

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