Green Growth in Hai Phong, Viet Nam

image of Green Growth in Hai Phong, Viet Nam

This report examines the green growth potential and identifies best practices for policy and governance as well as ways to strengthen current practices. As the third largest city in Vietnam, Hai Phong’s economy is growing remarkably at an average rate of 8.7% (2015) in tandem with the growth of the Hai Phong Port. Economic growth and urbanisation, however, have posed serious environmental challenges, including: increased greenhouse gas emissions from industry and transport; rapid depletion of underground water sources; pollution of water sources from untreated commercial, medical, domestic and agricultural waste water; and inefficient waste management, where less than 10% of domestic waste is composted and recyclable materials are mixed with other waste and landfilled. Furthermore, Hai Phong ranks among the 20 cities most vulnerable to costal flooding due to climate change. Nevertheless, there is much untapped potential for green growth in Viet Nam and Hai Phong city. The ultimate goal is to build a stronger, more resilient and greener city.


Green Growth in the port of Hai Phong

Chapter 3 examines the green growth performance of the Port of Hai Phong. The port is a major driver of Hai Phong’s growth, thanks to the trade and economic activities it generates not only locally but regionally. In addition, the port is currently experiencing rapid growth, which means increasing maritime and industrial activities, demand for infrastructure, potential environmental challenges and exposing an increasing number of assets to risk. This chapter is structured into the following four sections: 1) An introduction to the growth context of port activity in Southeast Asia and Hai Phong 2) Boosting the international competitiveness of the Port of Hai Phong 3) Greening the activities of the Port of Hai Phong 4) Making the Port of Hai Phong resilient to natural disaster risk. This chapter benefited from discussions at the fourth OECD Knowledge-Sharing Workshop on Urban Green Growth in Dynamic Asia, held in Hai Phong on 25-27 June 2015 and supported by the OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance.


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