Green Growth in Cities

image of Green Growth in Cities
This report synthesises the findings from six case studies of urban green growth policies, four at city level (Paris, Chicago, Stockholm, Kitakyushu) and two at the national level (China, Korea). It offers a definition of urban green growth and a framework for analysing how it might play out in different types of cities. It demonstrates the importance of urban policies for achieving national environmental policy goals and discusses the increased efficiency of policy intervention at the urban level. It identifies urban activities to reduce environmental impact that are most likely to contribute to the policy priorities of job creation, urban attractiveness, metro-regional supply of green products and services, and increased urban land values. It also provides guidance on addressing potential financing and governance challenges that may arise in pursuing urban green growth. Finally, the report offers a preliminary proposal for how green growth in cities could be measured.



What are the high-priority green growth policies for cities?

The OECD has conducted four green city case studies (Paris, Chicago, Stockholm and Kitakyushu). These consider the potential impacts of urban green growth policies on i) jobs; ii) urban attractiveness; iii) local production of green goods and services; and iv) the value of urban land. While the small number of case studies and limited data are not sufficient to provide extensive evidence of the impact of urban green growth activities on the above goals, the case studies do offer preliminary insights into the types of policies that are most likely to contribute to each goal in urban sectors such as land use, transportation, the built environment, energy and waste. The chapter highlights examples of these policies and strategies to overcome obstacles in implementation.


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