Governing Regional Development Policy

The Use of Performance Indicators

image of Governing Regional Development Policy

This report examines both the challenges and the opportunities associated with designing and using indicator systems as a tool for the governance of regional development policy. It draws on the experiences of a number of OECD countries and provides an in-depth look at the cases of Italy, the United Kingdom (England), the United States and the European Union.  It builds on previous OECD work on the governance of  regional development policy by extending lessons about contractual relations among levels of government to performance indicator systems.  

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Overall Benefits and Lessons Identified

This report has laid out a rationale for the use of indicator systems in regional development policy as well as important technical considerations for designing and using them. But do indicator systems “pay off”? Are they a governance tool worth investing in? This chapter underscores that yes, indicator systems should feature in the toolkit of a regional policy maker or planner. It begins by examining whether or not the expected benefits of using indicator systems described in Chapter 1 materialise, particularly as demonstrated by the case studies in Part II. It then turns to “lessons learned” about these systems that should be considered. The chapter concludes with final comments and thoughts on areas for future research.

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