Global Knowledge Flows and Economic Development

image of Global Knowledge Flows and Economic Development

Global knowledge flows are becoming a key driver of economic development.  How can countries develop effective policies to reap benefits? This report aims to answer this question and highlights these key areas: promoting cross-border alliances involving firms and universities; simulating knowledge transfers from foreign direct investment ventures; attracting highly-skilled workers from overseas and creating vibrant innovation systems.  This book, published in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise, is for policy makers, practitioners and academics.

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Internationalising Knowledge Flows

Pacific Experience

The strategies of Pacific countries and regions for connecting to global knowledge flows are examined. The chapter underlines the importance of links to export networks, angel investor networks, industry clusters and research consortia for the internationalisation of innovative small firms. Examples of successful connection to global knowledge flows are taken from Silicon Valley, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. A number of New Zealand initiatives are also outlined, including the commercialisation activities of the Crown Research Institutes, the wood processing strategy, research and technology networks, the education and skills strategy, immigration procedures and investment funds. An eight-step programme is outlined for building high growth, high value added industries.

English Also available in: French

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