A Catalyst for Urban Regeneration

image of Entrepreneurship

This book presents a 'toolbox' of instruments for entrepreneurship development in what often appear to be the most hostile environments for economic development in our cities, showing how entrepreneurship can indeed prosper given the right stimulus.  It is based on the proceedings of the conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Distressed Urban Areas held 7-8 October 2003 in Rome, and organised by the OECD LEED Programme, in collaboration with the EU, the municipality of Rome, and Risorse per Roma.



Area-Based Policies and Entrepreneurship: Chicago

This chapter examines area-based programmes in distressed areas of Chicago. These programmes are typical of those employed in the United States, have been associated with significant success and have considerable scope for transfer to other countries. Five programmes are described: federal Empowerment Zones; state Enterprise Zones; municipal Tax...


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