Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions of Switzerland

image of Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions of Switzerland

In contrast to falling rates in low density peri-urban and rural remote areas, high density peri-urban areas in Switzerland recorded double the rate of labour productivity growth than the national average. This report examines the Swiss regional innovation system and how it can boost productivity growth in rural regions by enhancing innovation. It also puts a special focus on the agri-food sector to improve the agricultural innovation system.


Assessment and recommendations

This introductory chapter sets out the report’s overall assessment and recommendations. Switzerland is one of the leading OECD countries, systematically performing highly on innovation, yet, some areas within Switzerland still face acute challenges. To support Switzerland in maintaining its high level of innovation and activate innovation in rural regions, innovation stakeholders in the federal system of Switzerland need to continue to reinforce collaboration and co-ordination mechanisms in delivering innovation and entrepreneurial support.

English Also available in: German, French

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