Culture and the Creative Economy in Colombia

Leveraging the Orange Economy

image of Culture and the Creative Economy in Colombia

In 2017, Colombia launched a novel public policy to stimulate the creative economy, building on the success of previous policy initiatives to support the cultural and creative sectors. The Orange Economy policy is unique for its transversal approach to supporting the creative economy and mainstreaming culture across diverse policy portfolios, beyond cultural policy. The report provides a comparative overview of Colombia’s culture and creative sectors relative to OECD peers and reviews progress in policy implementation. It provides a specific focus on Colombia’s push to foster creative districts as tool for local development across the country, including policy examples based on nine districts across the globe. The report maps the financial ecosystem for the creative economy in Colombia. Recommendations draw on international good practice to suggest ways Colombia can best leverage creative economy opportunities.


Preface by the OECD

Colombia’s Orange Economy approach can inspire other OECD countries in the design and implementation of policies to support and leverage on the full potential of the cultural and creative sectors and industries. Colombia has put culture and creativity at the heart of its development model. It does so by capitalising on its past, and the diversity of its heritage and traditions, but it also looks to the future, by supporting innovation and creativity in emerging new activities.


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