Community Capacity Building

Creating a Better Future Together

image of Community Capacity Building

Community capacity building (CCB) is a fairly new term for an age-old good: enabling people to define their own destinies. This book presents and analyses some of the most interesting recent developments in the field of community capacity building, in a variety of OECD and non-OECD countries. The focus is on how CCB has effected change in three major areas: social policy (health, housing, community regeneration); local economic policy; and environmental policy. The book also outlines the common conditions required for CCB to take hold and thrive, allowing for the political voice of local communities to be clearly heard.



Putting Community Capacity Building in Context

This chapter examines the ideas of community development and community capacity building, and the links between them as well as and their differences and similarities. Following this, there is a brief consideration of the key ideas presented in the subsequent chapters, namely the role of community capacity building in the areas of health, housing and re-generation (Chapter 2), the contribution which meaningful community capacity building can make to local economic development (Chapter 3), and, finally, the growing awareness of the ideas of environmental justice and sustainable development and the importance of community capacity building in fostering these. (Chapter 4) The chapter concludes by bringing together the major findings and conclusions of each of these chapters in order to identify the issues which may hinder meaningful community capacity building, and those elements which are central to successful community capacity building.


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