Community Capacity Building

Creating a Better Future Together

image of Community Capacity Building

Community capacity building (CCB) is a fairly new term for an age-old good: enabling people to define their own destinies. This book presents and analyses some of the most interesting recent developments in the field of community capacity building, in a variety of OECD and non-OECD countries. The focus is on how CCB has effected change in three major areas: social policy (health, housing, community regeneration); local economic policy; and environmental policy. The book also outlines the common conditions required for CCB to take hold and thrive, allowing for the political voice of local communities to be clearly heard.



Community Capacity Building and the Environment

Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice

Community capacity building in the area of the environment is an area of growing interest. The recognition that environmental ills are often confronted by those from the most vulnerable parts of society, such as the poor and migrant communities, has led to increased demands for environmental justice within the framework of sustainable development. Beginning with a discussion of the ideas of sustainable development and environmental justice, the chapter then goes on to explore the role and contribution of community capacity building within these frameworks. Utilising case studies from Europe, the Americas and Australasia, this chapter identifies key determinants for successful community capacity building in the environmental sector.


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