Broad-based Innovation Policy for All Regions and Cities

image of Broad-based Innovation Policy for All Regions and Cities

This publication summarises the main findings of a series of high-level expert workshops, organised with support by the European Commission, to deepen the understanding how OECD countries can move towards a broad‑based form of innovation policy for regions and cities. Weaknesses in technology and knowledge diffusion are weighing on productivity growth and innovation in OECD countries, particularly in firms that are distant from the technological frontier (global or national). This in turn weakens their capacity to meet future challenges and undermines inclusive growth.

This report examines where current tools for innovation policy are too narrowly focused, targeting mainly research and development as well as science and technology-based interventions. It seeks to help empower firms to benefit from global trends and technological change, in order to better adapt to the different capacity and innovation eco‑systems across regions and cities.



Fostering place-based regional innovation policy: The role of (policy) learning

Complexity and uncertainty are core features of most policymaking today and innovation policies are no different. This chapter describes and analyses how policy learning can address these challenges. It reviews two core learning mechanisms – learning through interaction and learning through experimentation – and discusses their application to innovation-led regional development and policies. The chapter also explores how policy learning can work in less-developed regions and the barriers to overcome for successful network implementation and experimental governance in regions with low institutional capacity. It concludes by considering how to preserve and embed the impact of learning and experimentation over time.


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