Ageing in Cities

image of Ageing in Cities

This book examines trends in ageing societies and urban development before assessing the impact of ageing populations on urban areas and strategies for policy and governance. It includes nine case studies covering  Toyama, Japan; Yokohama, Japan; Lisbon, Portugal; Calgary, Canada; Cologne, Germany; Brno, Czech Republic; Manchester, United Kingdom; Philadelphia, United States and Helsinki, Finland.




Policy strategies for ageing societies

This chapter sets out strategies for addressing the challenges and opportunities of ageing societies and assesses current policy practices within the OECD. It describes major policy instruments based on an OECD country survey and case studies, and draws upon the recent literature. This chapter suggests six main policy strategies: 1) developing a long-term vision; 2) developing indicators to measure how effectively policies are working; 3) promoting health for all ages; 4) increasing older people’s engagement in the labour market and in social activities; 5) providing affordable housing in accessible environments; 6) redesigning urban areas to increase attractiveness and well-being.


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