Vandalism, Terrorism and Security in Urban Public Passenger Transport

image of Vandalism, Terrorism and Security in Urban Public Passenger Transport

The reader will find in this publication the recommendations which the Round Table made on ways to combat vandalism, namely:  the creation of local partnerships between all actors involved in crime prevention, policing and law enforcement;  exchanges of experience;  the issuing of guidelines on crime prevention and infrastructure design;  and publication of case studies of successes and failures.

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Report by A.CAIRE France

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

The term “vandalism”, originally used to describe the wilful destruction of works of art by a race of Germanic invaders, the Vandals, is today used in a much broader sense to mean the defacement or destruction of private or public property. This is also how it is construed in French law. Vandalism is a specific type of delinquent behaviour that is gratuitous, not acquisitive, in character. Acts of vandalism can be motivated by a number of factors -- sociological, psychological, ethnographic, etc. -- and fall into the category of provocative and aggressive behaviour, the search for an identity or social exclusion...

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