Transport Benchmarking

Methodologies, Applications and Data Needs

European Conference of Ministers of Transport

This conference proceedings defines transport benchmarking, analyzes its usefulness to policy makers and discusses what lessons can be drawn at the national and international level for policy makers. The first part examines the different methodological aspects raised by benchmarking methods. The conference clarified the multiple concepts included in this type of mechanism and identified different practices which range from the simple statistical tool to a genuine policy lever. The second part describes several concrete examples of benchmarking applications in the transport sector. These examples relate in particular to topics such as road safety, rail transport, the environment, public and urban transport, seaports and air cargo, etc. Each chapter of this publication may be read independently. A fundamental message, common to all the examples presented, emerges: it is essential to improve the quality of statistics in order to ensure more reliable transport benchmarking results.

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