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The International Transport Forum at the OECD is an intergovernmental organisation with 52 member countries. It acts as a strategic think tank for transport policy and organizes an annual summit of ministers. Our work is underpinned by economic research, statistics collection and policy analysis, often undertaken in collaboration with many of the world's leading research figures in academia, business and government. This series of Discussion Papers is intended to disseminate the International Transport Forum’s research findings rapidly among specialists in the field concerned.

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The Role of Accessibility in Passengers' Choice of Airports

1.INTRODUCTION; 1.1. Growth of regional airports; 1.2. Implications for policy makers; 1.3. Objective of this paper; 2. DEFINITIONS OF ACCESSIBILITY 3. ACCESS MODE CHOICE 3.1. Observed access mode shares 3.2. Factors influencing access mode choice behaviour 3.3. Modelling access mode choice behaviour 4. AIRPORT CHOICE 4.1. Factors influencing airport choice behaviour 4.2. Modelling airport choice behaviour 5. CASE STUDY: THE EFFECTS OF THE INTRODUCTION OF NEW RAIL MODES 5.1. Introduction 5.2. London Heathrow – Heathrow Express 5.3. London Gatwick – Gatwick Express 5.4. Oslo Gardermoen – Flytoget 5.5. Stockholm Arlanda – Arlanda Express 5.6. Conclusions 6. CASE STUDY: TICKET TAX IN THE NETHERLANDS 6.1. Introduction 6.2. AEOLUS model 6.3. Simulation of a ticket tax 6.4. Effects by segment 6.5. Final implementation 6.6. Conclusion 7. CONCLUSIONS 8. REFERENCES


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